*Falling (1:14 pm)

July 29, 2014
Never be the one who loves more.
I tell you this from experience, and trust me; it took me a while to learn. The first time I heard this, I was beyond confused. I didn’t understand; why wouldn’t you want to love someone that deeply? Adults treat teenagers as if they are unintelligent and as if their so-called love has no meaning, and I’ve seen and felt this enough times to be saying this today that teenage love runs deep and pure, because the little life experience is made up for by having never been hurt. If you had never been at the mercy of a broken heart, think how hard you would fall into love. It wasn’t until I saw tears pour, sleepless nights pass by, and excuses fly in a thousand directions that I knew how many mistakes had been made, that I knew it was all because of loving more. So when your mother makes you promise not to get involved with drugs, don’t forget about the one with a heartbeat and laughter.

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