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July 18, 2014
By czheng3 BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
czheng3 BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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The sun drops on a lost horizon;
an apple falls in Eden.
I search among white light warlords
that dance with bleary neon
to the hymn of a hum
of electric baritone.
Even the most vibrant light
is wary of what it truly strikes.
A city's fear of darkness
makes it smothered in a glow,
erasing our genesis
in the stars that we don't know

This light revolves
around the toxic syrup
of petroleum puddles
with cigarette swimmers.
I'm guided by street lamps,
hazy searchlights,
past the rusted teeth of gutters
that chew on stained-glass shards.
My path is paved with damp newsprint –
its headlines, my lifelines, to a world
that forgot me –

Now place the weight of that world
on my palms,
and my fingers will still
reach for my reflection
in passing cars or muddy slicks

But they also might find the rotting core
of an apple tossed carelessly into the street.

The author's comments:
This piece was largely written to share the experience of this disembodied "I" that searches for something in a city (the something being revealed later but still largely up to the reader's interpretation). The poem begins with an allusion to the symbol of the apple from Eden to realize this fall from paradise, this removal from goodness and innocence that is the city when it comes alive at night. It is important to note that the shining lights of the city eventually become a dark force as it reveals the corrupt nature of the city and blocks out the stars (from where humanity came). In searching for oneself through reflections, hoping to find meaning, the protagonist finds the rotting apple- an ultimate manifestation of the corruption and loss of faith that this poem conveys.

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