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To You

July 12, 2014
By Princesley BRONZE, Lexington, Oklahoma
Princesley BRONZE, Lexington, Oklahoma
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Since a child is always born to a father, I’m glad I was born to you

When I came home for the first time, I’m glad I came home to you

As my vocabulary began to blossom, I’m glad I blossomed with you

During my first reading lesson, I’m glad I was taught by you

While I was prodded by my peers, I’m glad I was able to cry to you

Being awakened to the smells of wonderful breakfast pastries, I’m glad I owed my thanks to you

If my phone rang during scene 3 of Romeo and Juliet, I’m glad my contacts opened to you

Some days you were miserable and tried to hide it, but I’m glad I was able pray for seeing through to you

The nights you wept yourself to sleep, God knew just the thing to say to you

Since God Saw your agony and pain, he took you to heaven so he could minister to you

Although our hearts are heavy, we must say “ bye for now” to you

I am glad you made it to your reward, and someday hope to stand right next to you

The author's comments:
When my sweet father suddenly perished without much of an indication of ailment, our family was shocked. As I miss my father greatly I thought it appropriate
to write a poem expressing my gratitude to his continuous appearance in my life. From day one until he breathed his last, on earth, he was ever present. I also just want to say that if you have a father you can contact, please tell him how much you love him. Life is not promised, but here today and not here today as well. Forgive him and and reconcile now, not after he's gone.

Thank You

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