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I'm Away

June 30, 2014
By Princesley BRONZE, Lexington, Oklahoma
Princesley BRONZE, Lexington, Oklahoma
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from where
The water would tap
My toes and retract
And come back. Can't
See the ocean feel the
Waves know the sand
For the land I know as
Home I'm away. While I
Am here where I am and
Must for a while stay I escape
And dream that I’m away to the
Palace I call my throne where
Powder gold and liquid blue royal
Endlessly display. Since I am hither
Yet currently not there I will justify my
Temporary place here and cherish the
Memories while I'm away.

The author's comments:
Since I was born in one of the coastal states, moving inland without regular visits make me quite homesick. As these feelings arise,I take the liberty to record them. Although it has been 7 years since the move, I still have that sense of being on holiday (instead of dwelling here permanently).
I do hope that this poem is not depressing, but an insight of what I miss about my beloved coast.

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