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Bright green grass
hot humid muggy
traffic noises
feet, bustling,
rushing, dashing,
hurrying, scurrying,
scuttle, scamper, scramble.

burning shoulders, peeling face
slippery footing
children laughing, water splashing
in the nearby water park.
cigarette smell in my nostrils, in my lungs
rustling trees and bikers' bells

surrounding, choking, smothering, loving.

shouts. laughs.
hugs-- warm, sticky, glad
rough rock beneath my hands,
bruised ribs on the rocks
Catherine's hand is a tent on mine.

adrenaline, fearless,
warm sunshine,
just happy
skittering rocks, aching hips,
labored breath, big wide grin

These are the things I remember in
New York
Besides the pedestrians, bikers costumes cars
yellow paint, white paint, black tar

"Cheap today"
"Fresh fruit"

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Bella13 said...
today at 9:46 pm:
I really like how this person tells the good and the bad. It somehow makes it seem more real. But that's just me.
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Littlebunny said...
today at 8:06 pm:
Wow.With such sparse amount of words you create such a vivid description. My only critism as that you use rocks twice in a row which can be a little reduntant 
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