Iron and Steel

June 18, 2014
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He is attached to you like your shadow,
But your shadow vanishes into the dusk,
And he is still there.
His eyes are arctic pits of blue,
But the wintery lands hold beauty and life,
And no beauty is reflected by those empty eyes.
His smirk shatters the air like a lightning bolt,
But a thunderstorm passes quickly,
And his smug smile still lingers.
His words are a punch to the gut,
But sticks and stones only break your bones
And words are ghosts that haunt you.
His hands are a noose choking you,
But a noose leaves no breathe,
And you are still gasping for air.
He numbs your body like a tourniquet,
But a tourniquet is meant to save you,
And his only purpose is to destroy you.
He strikes like a vulture,
But a vulture craves carrion,
And he seeks the living.

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