Shades of Grey

June 18, 2014
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And sexism
And homophobia
And transphobia.

Discrimination based on ‘attractiveness’
And apparel
And weight
And religion And natural origin
And ‘disabilities’
And age
And intellectual capacities
And speech
And outward behavior
And so many other slanders and prejudices and stereotypes.

The world has come to what?
A hateful place where everyone
—even you and I—
Judge one another at first sight,
Classify each other by labels.

And in this world painted with shades of gray,
Who is to blame?
The ones who murder others out of hate?
The ones who perpetuate hate crimes and violence?
The ones who make threats to others?
The ones who make ignorant, intolerant ‘jokes’?
The ones who throw around human characteristics as if they are slanders?
The ones who hold hate in their hearts but do not express it?
The ones who stand by and do nothing,
As every type of shaming and harassment and violence imaginable ensues?

They are all stepping-stones on a slippery path
Drenched by ignorance,
But at what point is it deemed socially unacceptable?
At what point do we draw the line?
As a world?
As a country?
As a community?
As an individual?

Where do you draw the line?

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