Since You Lost Me

June 16, 2014
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It’s been a year since I’ve been kissed
A year since I’ve been held in your warm embrace
A year since my fingers curled with yours
A year since I lost you

I’ve felt sadness as deep as the sea
Anger as hot as the stars we once watched in the night sky
Loneliness as suffocating as a room filled with smoke
Hatred as raging as a fire with unlimited fuel

But I’ve also learned the meaning of family through my mother’s words
Through my baby sister’s protectiveness; the switching of roles
Through the look in my father’s brown eyes; my eyes

I know unwavering friendship from those who have seen me cry
That cake with blue icing and broken Wii remotes can be the difference between laughing and sobbing
That singing in the car with the windows rolled down equals complete trust

I’ve gained the wisdom that adversity brings
A heart continues to beat, even a broken one
People are blind and ignorant, but generally good

And I realized that it hasn’t been a year since I lost you
It’s been a year since you lost me
The tears and the heartache are my past; all is forgiven
You no longer stand in front of my future

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