Advice for Falling In Love in College

June 10, 2014
By BriannaSinger GOLD, Sacramento, California
BriannaSinger GOLD, Sacramento, California
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Show up and stare out at the hundreds of beautiful freckled strangers. Compare their asses extensively with your roommates. Wait desperately for the chance to lend one a pencil. Fall in love at first sight. Get your hopes up and then get shot down. Talk about fine art and photography with a girl and pretend to understand the symbolism of a lawn-chair. Consider dying your hair the same color as hers. Regret it. Sing in public. Feel like you want to be surrounded by her and and spend every second reading the same books over each other's shoulders and not think that’s weird. Spend all night by a fire playing backgammon. Learn to like her favorite movies. Count all the firsts you two have together because she makes everything feel new. Get excited when you hear your phone chirp from her text message. Trust her not to know where you are ticklish but not use it against you. Know what it’s like to wash a girl’s hair after she has shoulder surgery. Bore your friends with constant stories about her. Carve initials into a tree. Share a sleeping bag. Get comfortable carrying tampons in your backpack. Feel completely safe in every sense of the word. Get round-house kicked in the heart. Sleep for days on end. Shout and scream and analyze everything you both did wrong. Write bad break-up poetry. Eat your feelings. Go on a soul-searching road trip. Climb a tree to be alone. Say you are over it before it’s true. Master the “I’m fine” facial expression on the bike trail to class. Get sick of your own moping. Promise to stay single and focus on your career. Break that promise. Repeat.

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