June 1, 2014
Look up and up to the snow-capped peak of the mountain
Birds sing
Their honey-sweet tunes fill the air
The crisp air of the spring is filled with freshness and life
All around me is life
The plants are life
The animals are life
The birds, the fish, the insects,
All are life and living
Moss like a blanket at my feet
Rough bark touches my skin
The wind sighs a song of joy
The leaves create the harmony
The stream bubbles and laughs
Here all things good come together and bring peace
The peace is made
Made by the delicate hand of the flower
Made by the kiss of the snowflake
Made by the dance of the trees and the breeze
Made by Him
He made all
All for me
For us
For Peace...

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KaavyaM This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Feb. 6, 2015 at 7:02 pm
Hi there. I liked this poem; it's sweet and fresh and appealing. However, I think you could have done better. I love when you get to the lines about 'Moss like a blanket', etc. But until then, it is a pretty clichéd view of nature; that is, birds singing, animals, and plants. I'd suggest when you write about nature, you write more about the unconventional. More lines like "Moss like a blanket at my feet" and "The kiss of a snowflake".
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