Small I still stand

June 3, 2014
The room is dark,
But I can do nothing about that.
Me oh so small...
So insignificant,
Nothing but a speck of dust in the universe.
Thought I could change the world.
HA! Yeah right.
As if an ant could make a difference.
Small I stare.
It needs to be fixed.
But who can repair the damage done by so many years of pain?
Surely not me.
Come out I tell you!
I did nothing to you...
Yet you have something against me now.
Do you not remember you bow?
Surely you do...
At least I can hope.
At least I had hope in you!
Now a word takes so much work...
In a new field you belonged,
Surely you knew.
Wish I could go back and just look ahead,
The sadness in your eyes is something I now detest!
Lucky you...
Finding yourself...
Did you ever considered that maybe...
Just maybe...
I wouldn't be able to take this?
Surely you did.

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