What If...

May 29, 2014
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What if I would have continued to fight for you?
What if I never let you doubt my feelings?
What if I told you that I love you everyday,
Even if you didn't care to hear it.
Would it have sunk in one day?
Would it have ended up mattering?
Maybe. Maybe not.
I chose to stop telling you, though.
It didn't seem worth it anymore.
I was sick of being rejected and turned away
Saying "I know and I'm sorry I don't feel that way anymore".
That gets old after a while.
But maybe I should have stuck with it.
Stuck with you.
Maybe I would have ended up with you,
A different outcome than giving up gave me.
But let's be honest,
I probably would become the person I am now, eventually.
The person I am without you.
None of my efforts would have given me you again.
That time came
And it passed quicker than I had hoped.
But it's gone
And so are you
And so am I

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