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you, the volcano

May 27, 2014
By KayAnn PLATINUM, Miami, Florida
KayAnn PLATINUM, Miami, Florida
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I just wanna be able to sing like the birds, not worrying who hears or what they think

I guess I should've known you were a volcano
I didn't know you could be so dangerous to me
Cause I have always loved the way you made my magma turn to lava when you touched my surface
heat and molten rocks of lust swelled in that mountain you called your body
and erupted in pleasure all over my land
but then you desolated me
it all became too much and you ate me
chewed me up, turned me into ashes
and spit me out
the one thing that I breathed everyday became poisonous
your clouds of dark smoke and hurt polluted my air
now your eruption didn't make me moan
instead it demolished me
and transformed me into a dead city of romance
I should've known from the first rumble that you were gonna destroy me
I should've known that u were meant to be a natural disaster.

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