Keep Me Close

May 28, 2014
By Jose Madrigal SILVER, Pasco, Washington
Jose Madrigal SILVER, Pasco, Washington
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Don’t you worry,
I won’t be gone forever,

My body will leave,
But my soul will stay.

Don’t you worry,
We have made memories together,
Memories that we can still feel and see,
I can still feel the sand between us and sun gleaming on us,
And the ocean breeze,
Seeing you in my arms with your big white smile,
Lets live in that memory.

I won’t die,
So don’t cry.

Keep those tears for the future we will have together,
A future filled with happiness.

Don’t you worry,
I could never forget your beautiful smile, or,
Those eyes filled with the sky itself,
The days may be long,
But I’ll spend them thinking of you.

Time couldn’t change how much I want to be with you,
You filled my heart and soul with life.
You are the reason I live,

You’ll live inside me while I wait,
For the day I come back to make a living with you.

Don’t you worry,
I’ll escape to the days on the riverside,
Or the days we lay in bed until we fell asleep,
They’ll keep me going.

But first let me go and train to protect our country,
To make it safer for both of us to live in.

Don’t you worry,
Not even death will keep me from coming home,
I’ll be back before you know it.

I’ll be your warrior,
So don’t you worry,

I’ll come home

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