May 22, 2014
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All she ever wanted was Love
To be loved
Because she was hog-tied and left alone
Betrayed by the whole world.
She was suffocated by her parents' mistakes and drowning in dreams that she knew were to be doomed.
She would have done anything
to take the worlds pain
and keep it as her own
All she wanted was Love.
And it hurt her, knowing she couldn't help.
Eventually the sadness
The guilt
Took over her broken soul.
Because she was lonely
because the world was so mean.
the world was so mean.
It killed her, feeling the rage that the whole world seemed to be slaves to.
It all piled on her like stones
it crushed her.
The worlds anger and judgement to each other
it was like sunlight to a vampire.
She was the vampire
And everyone else's emotions were the sunlight.
She was left in complete melancholy.
The sun hurt so much.
She wanted to give in and let the world consume her beautiful soul
To take away the sadness
To take away the emptiness from the craving of non-existant love
And just when she was about to surrender into the sunlight
An angel caught her eye.
an angel with night-black hair and smokey blue eyes.
Dressed in classy black like he just attended a funeral.
His own funeral.
She found what she had been looking for all her life
She found love in the phantoms beautiful soul.
He was her savior.
The Angel of my darkest days.

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