The Monster

May 21, 2014
That afternoon was so pretty
Cars speeding through the crowded streets of the community
We reached “home”… Oh not “home”
Stepping inside seemed like hours until it happened
It happened so fast… Just so fast
The Monster was in my face
It reeked of foul breath, an unshaved face, and the eyes of the devil
Those emotionless, coldhearted eyes said a thousand words
It grabbed my face as it was putting on a smile
With its gaping mouth it howled “I’m not afraid to…”
I ran escaping the wrath of the monster for at least another day
Opening the door to my room I shut the door locking it shut
I’ve been running from its wrath for years, but I found my final escape
I sat there looking out the window for the last time
That afternoon was so pretty

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