Flower come to me

May 17, 2014
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Gentle flower, gliding in the air
Fall upon a river that will take you far from here
Wash into its soul and heart
Glide in to its depths
Of despair

Find me at the end where you may give a gentle stare
I shall pull you out the river
And wash you of your sins
Your baby
Is grown and ready to take her wings

If you find me later in that day
I shall kiss your hand and tell you of that warm summer day
And as you once told me the stories of your past
I shall tell you the stories of the new

Gentle flower from the river to the air,
Find your way into the soar of the air
Its gentle sorrow pain
And gain knowledge to take you far, far away

Oh gentle flower, if you find me when you land I will cry
And tell you of my plans
Mother come mother go mother is my home
Who shall take me as her own
Shall I bow my head upon your thrown

I can only breathe the air from you
And take upon my gentle grace, for flower if you find me at the end of your journey
Take me as your own
Teach me the ways of the pure and the ways of your own

I will obey your finest wish
And leave you with my only wish
Flower, flower find your way
Go along the path that no one take

And who should be waiting for you,
But I
Flower you shall sit above my con shell ear
And ring in the good noise of the fresh

Flower tell me what I have missed
Because I will be waiting

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