Evil Tendencies

May 19, 2014
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You are always there,
Living inside us

Your poison of despair fills our body,
It flows down everyone’s veins like blood

Your bright white smile drawing us in,
Giving us a way out of our misery,
We are bees to honey when we see you.

You are everywhere,
You are within us,
You take us,
You throw us into depression,

Your cloak of apathy engulfing us,
Your strong wide arms holding us,
Embracing us like a mother embraces a son,

You patiently wait for us,
Waiting to pull us in deeper down your cloak,
To never let go,

If we get away,
You know we’ll come back to you,
We always do,

Your eyes are so dark,
No one can see them,
But we feel you staring at us,
We feel the lies those eyes tells us,

You don’t have to speak to pull us in,
You just stare and we will follow,
We want attention,
We will take it from you,

You take us in,
Keeping them in your cloak,
Telling them to leave this world,

You drain our life away
Keeping us in our rooms without any hope, alone,

You take our interest away, our confidence and our will to live,
You leave us with apathy,

You are everywhere,
You are you

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