It's Okay

May 19, 2014
By Jose Madrigal SILVER, Pasco, Washington
Jose Madrigal SILVER, Pasco, Washington
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You sit there alone.
The darkness engulfing your body,
Like a warm blanket in the winter days.

Tears falling down your soft innocent cheeks,
Why do you cry?

It’s okay,
You have no reason to cry,
I’ll always be here.

It’s okay,
You should save those tears,
Save them for happiness.

It’s okay,
Come out of the darkness,
Let me hold you.

It’s okay,
I won’t hurt you like he did
Let me be your light.

It’s okay,
Push me away,
But you’ll never lose me,

It’s okay,
You will never be alone.
Hope you realize it one day.

It’s okay It’s okay

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