I'm Here

May 18, 2014
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I'm constantly walking by your side,
Because with my children is where I reside,
I left this Earth for a better place,
And in your hearts I lay in my eternal resting place,
Don't let your tears fall because you feel that I am gone,
Please realize I've been with you all along,
I wake with you every morning,
I hurt with the tears and pain from your mourning,
With every flower that blooms this spring,
My words I let the wind sing,
For my voice is lost there,
So please my dear,
Any time you want to listen,
Lend the wind your ear,
When you lay down tonight,
Lost in your plight,
Close your eyes and let the happier memories overwhelm your sight,
For that is where I dwell,
Let that be the reason your heart continues to swell,
Give your eyes and thoughts rest,
Children I am at my best,
I will continue to see all of the wonderful achievements your future brings,
I will see you reach places I may never have been,
I look forward to seeing you move forward,
I feel more than rewarded,
I've done my job as best I can,
Just know that with you,
I will always stand,
So do not despair my dear,
Your mother is still here.

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