The Lies You Told

May 13, 2014

Speaking through your teeth
without a word of truth

I finally see it all

All the lies you've told me
All the things you've done

Lie, after lie, after lie
I believed it all.

One word
Two words
Three words

One, after the other
following through with the false truth.

Making me believe it all
and making it seem so real

I hide myself away
trying to cover my ears

No more lies

I cry out, as the pain swallows me whole.

Why the hell did I believe you
You need to stop it all before I...
Before I...

I can't
I can't do anything.

I care to much to do anything.
My words may say I hate,
but in mind, I love you.

I cry for you every night because of my care and love for you.
I forgive you,
but I can never have the same trust for you.

But I forgive.
Ill never forget,
But I still forgive you.

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