May 10, 2014
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I am 247337
3.064 and 28
I am the schedule full of AP classes
And the 4 I got on a test last May
I am advanced and accelerated on the OGT
And yes, I'm that 14 out of 40 on my last math test
I am my student ID, my GPA, my ACT
I'm that bad mood on a test day
That time my fingers ached from penning three essays
And the handwriting you can never read

I always thought that in high school, there'd be something more
And I was right- more numbers to set me apart
Call me gifted yet lazy or stupid and hardly driven
Throw handfuls of labels at my head
Watch as the numbers scar me just to
Tell me this is life and learning
And your future depends on the classes you take
So choose wisely

Yet the only class that will help with my dream
Is seen as lazy and meaningless because it's not AP
And the dream itself is too hard too not normal so not worth the time
Because in a world of numbers
Art fails to matter
Combining words is frivolous
Music is just noise
You'll grow out of your dream
And realize that an Off-Broadway show
Is just a set of numbers that can't add up
So give up now and
Go back to those AP classes and the dream
Of a higher GPA

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