Soul Sculpting

May 7, 2014
An aching in my heart
A throbbing in my brain
I know that it’s not true but sometimes I feel insane
But I will not be labeled
Not I don’t deserve such praise, such unordinary madness
Wreaking havoc through my brain
Because I am just as simple
As the thoughts that roam my mind
They drive steadily along
And I forget them with the time
But a traffic jam! An accident
Colliding right and wrong
Sometimes I feel hopeless. I know I must be strong.
I know I must stay true
And not regret what I have done
Mistakes that I have made, the person I’ve become
And the body is not shaped
The way you shape the mind
No, much finer is the process
Of sculpting souls with time
An art with no direction
No blueprint, final plan
But trust in what you know
Will guide your head, your heart, your hands
And these parts of the body
They do matter most
Because faces are forgotten
And words can be morose
So let the aching in your heart
Remind you of your pain
And inspire your direction
And calm your ravaged brain
Because this is what I promise:
It will get better from here
And time it passes slowly,
A day, a month, a year
But progress is not finite
There is no point in time
That you will reach the climax
of enlightening your mind
So, courage, for your heart
And sense, to your dear brain
And unite these two as one
And refuse to live in shame
Each day the sun it rises
It will set for you again

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