May 2, 2014
By Benfigueroa BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Benfigueroa BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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"Everything you imagine,Can be as REAL as things you can see."-Unknown

There’s a gun behind my head

Knowing if someone pulls the trigger

My shadow will run away

My future can never be gray

All my pain Ricochet

Memory’s flashing through my mind

Seeming as is I was blind

Hearing the gun shake

Slowly turning around

Seeing into the eyes

Of someone I used to call blood

I really did want to believe

I tried so hard to not to hope

All he wanted was a nickel and a dime

Over time

He was over ruled by the fame

And a little change

He didn’t realize all the shame

Forgetting who his real friends are

Not noticing he was left neglected

Listen to what others say

Telling him to go in circles

Rather than making his own shape

Guess they have cut his pride

Noticing there was nowhere to hide

Despite the pain

He had gain

Trust can never be regained

Faith only knows our destiny

Trust can never be our fantasy

Showing his fear with a weapon

All he wanted

Was for someone to love him

Love him like he never been loved

Loved like he was family

Love him like a brother

I can’t be forced to love

Someone that would kill me

When I’m not looking

The author's comments:
You cant trust someone u cant believe

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