Broken Surface MAG

April 30, 2014
By Taylor_S SILVER, Newbury Park, California
Taylor_S SILVER, Newbury Park, California
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Bees bouncing off each other like electrons
White smoke emitting from the disturbed surface and then settling
As the paddling children climb toward breath
Only to break the surface once more
Bellies and thighs hidden under the blanket of the water
Withheld from public observation
Shrunken suits and intertwining tan lines like the shapes in delicate imported lace
Rapid temperature changes and shriveled-up fingertips that are now temporary
But will soon be set in stone with the
coming years
A normal day, never logged into the
memory bank
So much forgotten, every passing moment
in this insignificant day fades away
With the white smoke on the rippling surface

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