Rhyme and Reason

May 6, 2014
A year ago I hugged you
A year ago I cried
A year ago I held you
A year ago you died

They say that you are close
Somewhere up above
They say you see me everyday
And you still feel my love

I think about you every day
And sometimes it just hurts
But then a memory makes me smile
And teaches me the worth

I want to hear you talk
To see your smiling face
To receive a warm hug
And see your better place

I wonder what you see
If you notice me in these crowds
I wonder if you feel my love...
And do I make you proud?

I know that I'm your girl
I know I'll always be
I know I can always think of you
In my times of need

So there you go sweet lady
I hope you rest in peace
I will love you forever more
Until eternity

They say that life has its ups and downs
The weather changes every season
Something that remains unchanging....
You were my rhyme, and I, your reason

A year ago I said goodbye
A year ago I knew
Heaven needed a special angel....
And away you flew

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