The Mind

May 5, 2014
After the sun goes down
The street lights come on
With but a moment’s hesitation
And I alone feel that moment come to pass

The last pieces of wisdom
Cling to the treetops and glow
With the brilliant order that they carry
But they are not to be
Because the truth is not waiting for us
In plain sight
The truth
Is buried in the shadows

And that brings us to this moment
When the order vanishes
And leaves in its place
The Mind
Where there is no right or wrong
No good or evil
No this or that
No here or there
There is nothing in the shadows
And at the same time,
There is everything
Waiting for itself to be thought up
So that it may come home

But then the streetlights come on
And expel the shadows
Expel the wonder
Expel The Mind
And return us to the illusion of truth
In a world where there is no right answer

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