May 1, 2014
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Trees with pink flowers and
A land of white fallen petals -
Stepped on but stay chaste.
Clear blue exists only in the dreams
Where we wake up feeling
A field of sakura under a sky of purple,
Heaven had once been real
But hell is right where our mind roams.
Purple sky, as if the bruises you left
On my heart,
Holds the red clouds together.
Is it the sky I am staring at
Or my wounded wrists,
Bled so painful like tears gushing out
As rainfall that watered the field of pink?
I adore flowers like I adore the
Stars I see with my eyes shut tight;
Fairylights at the back of my eyelids
Dancing weightless
Just like the floating lantern I put to
The purple sky back when
My front teeth were missing.
I got these burnt marks from holding onto
My floating lantern for too long.
Purplish blackened hands -
The only color on my palms
That reminds me, now and then, of the
Sting from being headstrong;
The only color in my heart that tells me
It is time to


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