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April 25, 2014
By dwallis15 BRONZE, Orion, Michigan
dwallis15 BRONZE, Orion, Michigan
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At first it was pleasant. The rain came down
At an even pace. The utopia of liquid hitting my house
Harmonized and created a serenity of white noise.
And then something happened.
The rhythm of rain was unsteady on the roof.
It grew peacefully loud, now.
Something was striking my roof,
Something heavy.
I strolled to a window and peered out
To see green egg-shaped figures
Falling from the sky.
But why?
Last time I checked, this was Earth.
The concrete was slowly being polka-dotted
Red with the guts of the summertime fruit.
It covered houses, sidewalks, cars
Now even the earth is unique.

The author's comments:
I often write about humans and their habit to change at any age. We all are the same, but end up changing along the way.

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