April 29, 2014
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A little bundle of cloth and vulnerability I hold in my arms
Big eyes wide open a dark blue color bound to change
My baby brother ten years younger then me
I shall protect him with my life if need be
As he grows older his dark skin is obviously from his father
His soft face from his white mother
His dark hazel eyes the same as mine
Why can't I just stop time?
I do not wish to give him away
As he grows
He is mine to hold
To love
To protect
To watch over as he goes
Each year he grows older
He grows bolder
He grows more handsome
Even at the age of four I know he will be more handsome then any man I have ever laid eyes on before
I just hope that the future will hold him as gently as I did
When he was just a bundle of cloth and vulnerability that I held in my arms

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