I Am Not Forgettable: A Heartbreak Poem

April 22, 2014
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Do not forget me.
I am not the wind;
I did not come unseen,
I will not leave that way either.
I did not come and pass by,
I’m fairly certain I’m still here.

Don’t you dare forget me.
I was not a mistake,
You didn’t trip over me
And I did not trip over you.
You will not just regret me,
And you will not just learn for me
I am much more t
Than your latest life lesson.

Please, don’t forget me.
I’m not a photograph.
I’m sorry, but I can’t really be
Altered or edited.
All of the worst parts of me
Can’t be left behind the camera.
And all of the best parts of me
Couldn’t fit into one frozen smile anyway.
No matter how perfect you kept telling me it was.
The things I have said and done and felt
Cannot be contained in a five by nine frame.
You know I’d need a lot of canvas for that.
And most prominently,
I can’t be put away when you’re done looking at me,
Or pulled back out years later.
I’m hear now, that’s all you get.

Don’t forget us. We are not a coming-of-age novel.
The awkward parts weren’t sweet.
You said cheesy things in a non-ironic way.
You were snap chatting me while I was crying
Not holding me in your arms
As it rained outside.
And when I made fun of you
In my “Cute, romantic way”
It wasn’t very cute, or romantic.
Yes, we had a beginning,
And were we pretty damn good at kidding each other
And my dad was protective,
And I didn’t think I was good enough for you
And you didn’t think you were good enough for me.
But what we didn’t have was an ending.
No, we are not a novel,
We are unfinished business,
Because I do not want to be over you.
I just don’t.
So don’t forget me.
I will not forget you.

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