tearing apart

April 21, 2014
By nataliegomez1995 SILVER, Lady Lake, Florida
nataliegomez1995 SILVER, Lady Lake, Florida
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Inside me I am tearing apart

I feel my head exploding

The feelings are about to scratch their way out

I feel invisible

Am I really here

Sometimes I feel

Like none of this

Is real

My life is one big joke

Sometimes I wish I would

Go get stoned

Drown myself

Never live to see

Another day

I know though

It's worth the sorrow

For the ones

I love

Plus the ones

That love me

All my life I felt like



One from the old cartoons

One where you light the fuse

It seems like everyone

Just likes to


Stand there with the lighter to the fuse

I'm quiet I hold everything in

I always feel like dust

Dust in the wind

Here one minute

Gone the next

This is what it feels like

To be in a mix

Mix of emotions

Mix of feelings

It's like a roller coaster

It's full of ups and downs

I was always told to


Live my life to the fullest

My life is as full as it can get

would someone else please

Step in my shoes

Live out my life

Even for a day

The depression Will

Eat your soul

You will

Feel empty inside

Like your not


When these feelings hit

I wander sometimes

Am I selling the world

A fake smile

Plus a bunch of lies

It takes one smile

To hide

A million tears

And a millon tears

Hidden deep inside

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