In a Cold House

April 21, 2014
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I remember
being curled up in your arms
that night.
In a cold house,
you were so warm.
I remember resting my head
on your bony shoulder,
and finding comfort in something so sharp.
I remember how you enveloped my tiny hand
into your enormous one,
and feeling so small next to someone so extensive.
I remember you lips against my forehead,
you were so gentle, so sweet.
You saw me a flower,
even when the rest of the saw me as a weed.
I remember
how you carried me to the car
in the pouring rain,
because I was too tired to walk.
I remember every detail,
every moment.
I remember all the feelings
of being loved,
and all the pain
of loss.
I remember everything,
but I wish,
more than anything,
to remember nothing,
and then the pain would go away.

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