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Stringing The Stars Together This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

I am super glued together

By the conversations at midnight

With the girl I love

And the sound of rain falling down

In the dead of the night

When sleep evades my grasp


I have this tendency

To fall apart all at once


I don't need you to try to reconnect

All of my tattered pieces

Or attempt to string me back together

Trying to figure out how my lines match up

All I need from you is to stay

Hold my hand

While I do my own patchwork

Because I know exactly how to

Reconnect each line on my body

And form it into another constellation

All by myself

And all I ask from you is to stay

While I move the stars

Back into their proper place

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oxford123 said...
today at 6:43 am:
Well, this is really nice. It really sounds great to imagine this lovely night!
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hannahemily said...
yesterday at 12:21 pm:
I really like all the figurative language and imagery you used. I also enjoyed your message about how you are the only one able to fix yourself. Keep up the great work!
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