Lies by EmG

April 11, 2014
It all crashed down on you and the truth came out
I was fooled for a short time.. until the truth came about

I was completely blinded by your lies,
as if a cloth was put over my eyes.
When I heard the truth, it was a shocking, horrible surprise.

You're not who I saw you to be
I'm glad you're gone, I'm finally free.

You thought you could hide it forever..
The truth cannot hide for long, it is better late than never.

You just didn't know what to do
So I just went ahead and did it for you

I believed the lies for so long
I thought you loved me, I was dead wrong.

I can't comprehend how many lies were spoken from your lips
Your tongue spoke poison, you cut my heart into strips.

I was just a part of your game
You never loved me, (for my broken heart) you're to blame

It's kinda funny, the way you thought I was true
(unlike yourself)
You see, I was good at lying too.

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