Birthday Cake

April 14, 2014
If they really knew me,
They’d know I hate my birthday.
But every single year,
I eat the cake anyway

I remember my tenth birthday: sitting with you
Under the thin shade, a blooming tree, petals falling
As the wind blew out my candles
And we laughed, trying to shield eleven flames

This year I scrape off the sweet frosting
Although it plays a vital role
In the celebration of another year,
It is too sweet for my taste: I am bitter.

How did I forget?
The most important part-

The entrance of this edible Artifice,
Brought forth with harsh melodies
Sung by tone deaf relatives
In accompaniment with the flash of cameras

The warm glow of the candles
Lingers as the notes stop
And they all stand. Waiting, watching
As I close my eyes to dream.

Now I must make my wish
Because they assume that- only today-
I could reach for my highest desire
And pull it down with me, towards Earth

Which shows that they do not know me
Or my highest desires, either.
Holding back tears, I extinguish all light,

Because the wish I would wish
I know won’t come true.
If I could wish
I’d wish for you

Because you knew me.
You knew my favorite things.
And you knew how much
I once loved my birthday

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