April 14, 2014
When the moon comes up and
The stars aren't bright because
Their dying light is
Choked by this greedy world,

When children wish upon what is
Dead and so far away
Thinking monstrous orbs of
Molten fire and gas
Care about what they have to say,

You can find me in a prison cell
In a house in a neighborhood in a
Desperate, fading town full of
Nothing but loneliness and ignorance

And I tremble and I shake and
The silent weeping finds its way into
Silent tears that roll down my
Contorted and pleading face
Gripping the sides of the bed
Fingers spasming in pain and
I can't hold on

I'm so lonely
So lonely how can
One person feel so
Void of everything
Filled with nothing but a
Desperate plea to be

A simple hug
That feeling of being enveloped in
Comfort is so fleeting and
I'm just so lonely

I always hurt most in
The night because I'm just
Stranded in a desert of
The unforgiving sands of my mind when
There is nothing around me to hold on to

But I just keep walking through the day and the
Walking turns into stumbling and
The stumbling is reduced to crawling through sand and
That's impossible

But it's so soft and it burns me nicely all over
I think I deserve it and I'm sinking into
The scorching sun of a mother that
Doesn't care and loves to
Hurt me and
Hides the water an oasis is supposed to give

She burns through my deadened skin and
Into the atoms that compose me
The wild field of sadness encircles the
Nucleus of lonely and
I'm burning up and I'm just
So thirsty and the tears I cry won't
Quench the dryness of my throat and
I'm just so lonely

The sands of my feverish mind are
Filling my nose and my mouth and
My eyes and my lungs and
I'm just so lonely and
I think I'm dying
To not be so

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