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The Triumphant Queen

I realized something tonight
As you floundered in your unreasonable state
You can take away everything I own
But you cannot take away me
The person I've chosen for myself, who I am
You cannot take away the fact that I can feel and think
For my own, on my own: I do not need you anymore
Threaten me with feeble attempts
Underestimate me, too,
But I'm no longer yours to be controlled
I'm not your little puppet with a noose to dictate my every move
I have free will and my ideas as a knife
And I am cutting all the ties
That bind me to you

I'm sorry your vision of a cowering pawn, the child I used to be,
Was taken by the brave and valiant queen
And chess may be a bit over your head
Because mother, you're still content to be the king

I saw it clear as day, your panic and your fear
Everything you knew being swept away by all that you don't know:

You do not live in your thoughts and ideas
You do not live with the power of words
You do not live as a free soul:
You are a slave to your unshakable need for control
You do not live.
You exist,
And I pity you so.

I have friends and love abounding
And a heart that's free to roam
And some girls need their mothers but
Being sensitive does not make me weak
And I am not just "some girl"
I do not need you anymore
And you showed me tonight that I never did

In all honesty, mother, thank you,
Because now, I'm free to live.

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