For My Universe

April 14, 2014
I could
Write you into every metaphor under the sun
Ribs and bones and trees within lungs
Life’s rebirth from winter’s dying gray
Rainy days and windowpanes

I could
Sit outside among the birds and bees
Listen to their songs for as long as I please
But I would only hear soft-spoken whispers
And without your warmth, I would shake and shiver

I could
Keep us beneath our star, our sun
You are transcendent and we are not confined to this mere earth
So I will write you into the universe

I will
Escape this confined atmosphere
The gravity of my present and all its fear
Nothing to hold me back, no goodbyes to discuss,
I’ll close my eyes and rush into the promise of us

I will
Curl up into a crater of the moon
And kiss the darkened face that sings a long-forgotten tune

I will
Alight each dead and dying star
And tell them of how much they are
You will leave as the breath from my lungs
To caress every galaxy and speak to every tongue

I will
Proclaim your heavenly air into the great vacuum
Carve your name into each ring of Saturn
Willingly give my life to save your soul
If you should ever find yourself amidst black holes

I will
Unravel every memory of you
To compose heavenly universes anew
Let your rainbow colors swirl away
And watch the thoughts of you create nebulae

I will
Have your light to guide me in the dark
As I navigate the light years keeping us apart
As time goes on, I will learn to be brave
Even in the face of danger, for you I will not cave

I will
Get cold and forget to breathe sometimes
This spacesuit can only protect me from so much
I will
Run into asteroid fields
And my ship will be filled up by nothing
I will
Abandon all that keeps me safe
And float away with only you to stop me

I will drift to you one glorious day
Above a new star to keep the cold at bay
We’ll shed our spacesuit cocoons in the wake of light
Carried upward on iridescent wings in a boundless flight
We’ll hold each other, hand in hand
And with one kiss, create a new land

I will smile upon all that I’ve charted, all I know is true:
All this time, love, my only universe has been you.

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