Hometown Callings

April 10, 2014
The main ribbon of lace
Stretches across the entire town
Begging to lead you to old adventures
And reclaim that innocence crown

A little white church
Snuggles upon a graveyard of tears
The place where your heritage
Spends their everlasting years

That old school house whispers your name
In a sweet and gentle tone
All its secrets are common sense to you
Ever since they've become known

That one special house still lies
And speaks a sequence of events
All those memories wrapped in one gift
But you were a fool back about they meant

The young and once free child
Screams to break down these doors
But maturity arises over innocence
As she can't cry anymore

These are the busy streets
That hold the crazy story of you
And all of your life's tales
From your early years to the current truth

So grab the arrow of pride
Then wave that flag of childhood
This place cannot be forgotten
And it's evident it never would

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