April 8, 2014
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Monsters don't live under our beds
they reside inside our heads
because there's so much more to feed on there.
So much pain and regret.
All the bad times we tried to forget but couldn't.
These monsters thrive in emptiness.
They revel in loneliness.
It makes them stronger.
It gives them the ability to sap your will to live even further.

They are powerful.
They have the ability to adapt,
try and change and they'll change too.
They'll move from your head to your heart,
whisper in your ear
fill you full of fear
that you're not good enough to exist.

crawling just underneath your skin
try to cut them out but they're still there.
Even after years of split wrists
and late night purges
they linger in the darkness.
In the corner of your eye
they are always there.
And even after they're gone
they leave a mark for so long
that you're not really sure if they actually left
or if they just went into hibernation
waiting for the right situation
to rear their ugly heads once more.
When they leave they take a part of you with them.
Part of you is lost in the battle
The long and bloody war
The never ending fight
More casualties than World War Two
and it all takes place inside of you

Until you're lost

And something once lost will never return
so learn to
beat them before they beat you
Because living with these monsters is worse than any hell
When you try and yell for help
No one hears
No one bothers to listen because these monsters cant be seen
And if something cant be seen it must not be real
Well I fear
what I can not see.
I know what exists inside of me
and I know I cant win.
So I crave the darkness.
I crave the shadows
and the silence.
I crave the thump of my heart
as it beats against my chest
trying to break free.

In the dark I can not see
doesn't seem like such a bad word.

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Malaika J. said...
Apr. 21, 2014 at 10:33 am
Great poem! It is really true, that the monsters we should worry about are inside of us. I really liked this.
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