In the Heights

April 2, 2014
I’ve been told the sky’s the limit
in reference to the idea that
I can be anything I want
But it’s on the ground that they want you to stay,
and I’m tired of walking down sidewalks
littered with crushed dreams

When they sun sinks under the ground
it pulls the night sky into place
The colors may vary when you look up,
lavender to onyx,
but that sky belongs to everyone
once the sun decides to set

It’s in the night that dreams can breathe
They flout out of our bodies and drift,
with more determination than we’ve ever felt,
towards the welcoming sky,
which softly folds
to create constellations out of our stars

I’m going to give my dream a chance to live,
but I will not let go
I’ll hold on as it flies
and let it lift me higher
above the dull and colorless earth
once the sun decides to set

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