Whats Your Addiction?

March 28, 2014
Addictions can be many things. A want, a need, a requirement. And can differ from the need light a scented candle before you sleep or to smoke a cigarette every morning. Want or need makes no difference. It's still an addiction. And your still an addict. And your not alone, everyone's addicted to something. My addiction is escape. I want and need an escape, to fade from the world into a creation, beautiful and complex, and best of all. Made purely by the creative power of man's mind. The problem is their are only so many worlds you can dive into and live in. And the ones you can you can only do so for limited amounts of time. I can go into a book and fall away from myself. Away from my problems and worries and I change myself, I become someone else, someone more and deep down that might be what i yearn to be, but in most cases it's an impossibility, I phase from world to world enjoying every second I'm in each one, less so of the one in grounded in with it's consistency and requirements that I dread so. In other worlds I am not required to change myself to meet societal requiems. I am created by other rules. My rules, and that is what drives me to create a world of mine own, or at least to attempt it. Because the creation of your own world, your own culture, your own rules, and your own society is the greatest accomplishment I could ever achieve. The possibilities of having your own world are staggering. And I know in most cases addiction is bad, but addictions can be viewed from many different angles. So what is mine? The need to run and escape or the need to create? Or just the need to play God?

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