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April 6, 2014
wisps of winter curl through her breath
the girl on the edge of the street
where she was going everyone knew
why? well that was obvious too
You would ask her how she was
and with flecks of despair in her eyes she would respond with
“I’m fine”
everyone knew she wasn’t
The girl with red spiraling throughout her
and black in her mind
white lies spilling through her lips
measly words making goose bumps on arms and hairs on necks stand up straight

wisps of summer in her hair and fall in her eyes
the girl in the black overcoat
few knew where she was going
and only fools didn’t know why
you would ask her how she was
and with a cracked smile on her face and tears streaming down her cheeks she would choke out a
“I’m fine”
only her doctor knew she wasn’t
her secrets divulged to him
spilling through her lips like fine wine
on a moonlit night
she left him as soon as he thought she was fine
at least she seemed ok

seasons dead on her lips, and the moon in her smile
the girl on the bathroom floor
no one knew where she went
and no one knew why she left
the day before she went you would ask her how she was
and with stars on her mind and nightmares of the future in her eyes she smiled and said
“I’m fine, thanks”
only you knew she wasn’t
the black of her mind spread to her heart
redness fading back to her lips
white turning red
words screamed in anger became terrified whispers
words left on a scribbled note written in blue
addressed to whom?
to you
Two words that hurt
“I’m Fine”

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ImLain said...
Apr. 11, 2014 at 2:33 pm
Good, and understandable, from past.
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