Everyone’s life is a story…

April 6, 2014
By Vinyl GOLD, Mercer Island, Washington
Vinyl GOLD, Mercer Island, Washington
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"We are not living unless we are creating" - "It isn't easy doing something significant in a world that, in the grand scheme of things, is so insignificant."

Some stories are short, and others are long.
Some stories may be filled with excitement, while others remain dull.
Some stories may be happy and joyful, while others are only full of pain.
Some stories have satisfying endings, and others may end abruptly.

All our stories intertwine…

Interconnected through connection, we may be the love interest of another person’s story, or the bane of existence in someone else’s. For each person you come in contact with, no matter how big or small, you exist in his or her story as they existed in yours.

Some stories are written in time…

Through art, through history, through the things we do that matter to us, and that matter to others as well. Some stories are put up on the shelf never to be picked back up again, while others may be talked about forever.

Every story ever written has its ups and downs, love and heartbreak, happiness and sadness, excitement and dullness. Most of all what every story has in common is a beginning and end.

Whatever plot twists and unexpected turns may catch us off guard throughout, we must always remember that we are the authors of our own stories. It is up to us to live… to write… in a way that matters to us. Only we can write our own stories, so we must go out and live life to its utter and complete fullest, because every book has its last page. Don’t you want everything between beginning and end to be something memorable? That’s up to you, the author, of your very own story.

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