swimming in the sea of sound

April 6, 2014
I live for the feeling
the rush
screaming out lyrics like the words are the gospel of our church
the non- believers don’t understand
and we don’t want them to
we don’t want them to know the glorious feeling
of being pressed in-between sweaty bodies
in a incoherent dance of wonder
I wouldn’t have it any other way
I long to hear voices raised in joy
I long to see the smiles of the performers on stage
I long to feel the beat of the bass drum in my bones
I long to fly on the hands of the crowd
to push against my brothers and sisters of lyric in time to the music
I want to hear the voice of the performers
saying I love you
perfectly genuine
to jump and move like a fluid sea of people
I want to see the tears in my newly found and soon forgotten friends’ eyes when the music is too much
I want the togetherness
I want the bruises
and the lost packs of gum
I want to leave out of breath
the smell of beauty stuck on my skin
I want my voice to resonate with the screams
and for the moment to never end

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