The Broken Vase

April 7, 2014
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My brother and I
Played all around
Throwing the ball
Totally care free

For a while we played
Letting the wind stroke my cheek
And the grass crackling underneath my feet
Until a loud crack ripped through the air

Nothing moved as I slowly turned around
Feeling remorse fill me from head to toe
As mom’s beautiful china vase, which usually gleamed in the sun
Was shattered into a million pieces

The flowers usually full of life, dropped sadly full of tears
The painting artwork, with its twisting turns and bright colors,
Which had showed me many worlds, was in a crumbled heap
And then there was dad’s old signature.

My mother stormed out with anger in her face
Her face as bright has a cherry and mouth puckered in a frown
Has her eyes gave me a gleaming glare
Then she saw the vase

Her eye’s watered and her features relaxed
She slid to her knees with her hands in her lap
And I heard soft sobs as she picked up the pieces
Trying to put a million- piece puzzle together

The anger returned as her sadness left her
She yelled and screamed at me and my brother
For taking away the last thing left of our father
The last memory of him

Sadness returned like an assassin in the night
As she cried out, harder and more frequent sobs
I put my arms around her comforting
And soothing her along

Years later, now I understand
Why my mother was so upset that day
She had her heart broken in to pieces
By simple- child’s play

Her emotions ran through me as he drove away
As an arrow pierced my soul
As my heart shatter into a million pieces,
Just like my mother’s broken vase

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