Dreams Money Can Buy

April 4, 2014
Dreams are what create us. Dreams motivate us into being who we truly lust to be. Some say dreaming is a waste of time. Some say dreams and goals are the same; they’re not. Very similar yes, but not identical. A goal is just a dream with a deadline. But who needs deadlines when you can think of infinite dreams every day. You may dream of the impossible if that is what you choose. Money can’t buy happiness. I disagree. If that’s your passion then go for it. Go ahead and buy your dream. Cheap luxury is what I call it. Surprised? Dreams money can buy, they told me it was a lie but I wasn’t surprised. Don’t listen to the dull ones that try to crus your dream. Don’t let them do that. If you’re bold enough to have a dream, you’re bold enough to make it happen. Everyone has a dream even if they don’t know it yet. Go ahead and have multiple dreams. Let your dreams reflect who you are inside. Cheap Luxury. Buy it.

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