Foolish Humans

March 28, 2014
By Jose Madrigal SILVER, Pasco, Washington
Jose Madrigal SILVER, Pasco, Washington
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Why are we foolishly corrupted?
Do our souls work differently?
How about our brains?
Why can’t we think for ourselves?

No! We follow instead
We follow words of mad men
We are gullible like babies
We do not think
We kill for empty dreams
We are foolish humans

Words deceive us humans
They can lead to harmony or war
Words have no limits
They take what they want
Words can corrupt thoughts
They can set you free

Words bring wisdom
They bring lies too

Words are double sided
Like us

Why do we humans seek pain?
We should leave pain behind

Why can’t we be peaceful?
We hold on to the idea

Why can’t we be ourselves?
We like being told what to do

Why can’t we take action?
We can always save that for another time

Why can’t we be told the truth?
We never tell it

We are human

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