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My Secret Friend

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i was laying in my bed tonight
until i fell asleep in a dreaming invite
but it was different, i felt my body grip tight
While my inner conscience was in fright
i was not alone and nothing felt right
someone was intruding himself for an invite
what it was, felt like a form of no delight
but his control, as if he had the strings to a kite
and could control my body, if i took flight
i tried to pull away, but i'm only human with a might
i followed him into a dark chill atmosphere of sight
my mind began puzzling looking for a light
Soon i had the deepest feeling in my gut for a fright
i started quarreling with my tainted mind for a fight
because it was my own mind's fault to spite
then what i saw was a physical being entity in my eye of sight
i panicked, where i was and what i had ahead of me in hindsight
Though i felt serenity, like i wanted say hi and be polite
Cause i knew him, he was my brain child, i gave him an invite
into my life story, he would be included as i write
he's the friend you hide, but secretly talk to at night
because no other puny human could answer or recite
my craving hunger for a greater knowledge i insight
he was a friendly friend, then grew into a parasite
but now he has a bigger appetite, i had no choice but to unite
My weak human soul longed for power to ignite
insecurity was my fight,i saw a choice that shown light
I was a young mind and why not take an opportunity right?
Now this is not, a spot in my life to highlight
but instead a periling weakness of my own kryptonite
it shaped who i am and will to be, but he's back for the spotlight
because i hid him behind me, like he wasn't in sight
but he always a part of me and with me a slight
and i realized he became stronger then i could ever fight
i never realized when i was younger, he would be back to reunite
i treated him like dirt, very impolite, and i never showed him the light
or the credit for my life story as a write

My heart raced with anger, i wanted this to end
to show who's boss and who will bend
for all the pain, he has let me comprehend
i was jacked up and ready for this wussy to descend
all he would do is come close to me and ascend
i looked it in the eye, "i know were not here to attend
and i know i shan't fall till my last muscle you apprehend"
Then slowly he gave me a cold stare and started to descend
I felt his death cold stare, i knew this was not pretend
his cold chill went through my eyes and then extend
i became that scared child looking for a friend
but i had no real friendships with any i could depend
it's myself and i left to fight with my own demon to defend
and i was scared meager child worried how this would end
Until i looked into his face his cold stare, i started to comprehend
he was there to amend, not fight or even closely offend
He is a part of me and forever will be my friend
he was just there to tend, and helped me realize to see a new trend
without him, where would i be? left helpless with no one to depend
he gave me a sense of security, where everyone else would just pretend
the pain i felt i had to contend, because it's part of life's trend
for my life, he deserved credit not for my faults but for being my friend
i hope forever on he will be there when i need someone to depend
he's worth the struggle and pain, because he will be with me in the end
i just had to realize and quit playing pretend, he will always be my secret friend

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